Summer Staff

Summer Staff Orientation

Our 2023 summer season for guests runs from 6/24 to 8/25, but we ask that all of our staff commit to join us for one of the most important weeks for our summer team – Orientation Week. This is a week where all of our staff join together, bond, and learn about their jobs and responsibilities. Orientation Week for 2023 will be from 6/18 to 6/23 before our guests begin arriving. Camp Counselors are asked to arrive a bit earlier than most of our staff to give them a chance to dive deep into understanding what it means to lead, teach, and care for our campers. Counselor Orientation begins on 6/14 and will end when the other staff arrive on 6/18, at which point they will join the rest of the summer team for Orientation Week.

Summer Commitment

We ask that all staff who apply and are hired commit to working a minimum of 6 weeks. We understand that this is a big ask, but we highly value the cohesiveness and consistency of our summer staff.

If you don’t believe you can commit that much time, we would still love to hear from you about your interest in working at Camp. Throughout the summer, we may have spots that need to be filled or other opportunities you might be interested in. So, please contact us if you want to explore that conversation.


Housing is included for all of our summer staff. We have 4 housing units that we use – 2 for boys and 2 for girls. Each unit houses up to 20 staffers, assigned by age, and has interior bathrooms.

In addition to housing, we include 3 meals per day for our staff. If that’s not enough sustenance for you, we also run a delicious morning coffee shop and evening snack shop every day called Knute’s. Staff must pay out-of-pocket for any purchases made at Knute’s.