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Retreat FAQ’S

Booking and Contracting

The experienced staff at Camp Spofford are here to partner you from the initial contact, through the contracting process and assisting the group leader with all the details to promote a successful retreat. Once your group arrives on property and throughout the duration of your retreat, you can depend on our staff to assist you every step of the way.

What is the first step?

The first step is contacting our Retreat Coordinator for pricing and availability. You can contact a representative by email at ​​ or by calling ​(603) 363-4788 x2108. It will be helpful to have answers to the following questions so that we can provide you with a personalized group rate quote as well as confirm availability:

  1. Group Type?
  2. Date of event?
  3. How Many People?
  4. How Many Nights?
  5. Do you need a meeting room?
  6. What meals do you require?
  7. Any other special requests that we need to be aware of? Perhaps, you would like to add a

    campfire, rock wall or blacklight dodgeball.

What is included in a retreat package?

It depends, but most group packages include lodging, meals, meeting room and seasonal activities available on property. We work with each group to provide a personalized quote specific to your group needs.

Our group has decided to book, now what?

The next step is contracting. Contact the Retreat Coordinator who provided you with the group rate quote. They will confirm that the requested dates are still available and that all the details of your event are accurate. Once confirmed, we will write the contract and email it along with our policies to the group leader. Please note: the scheduled reservation has been only tentatively reserved until Camp Spofford receives from your group the designated $10.00 non-refundable per expected guest deposit and one copy of the signed contract. If the signed contract and deposit are not received within 10 days of the contract date, we cannot guarantee your requested dates with us.

What deposit is required to secure our group event?

A small deposit is requested to secure the event. The amount of the deposit is $10.00 per expected quest. The deposit is non-refundable.

Regarding Housing how and when do we find out where we are staying and which meeting space we have?

Upon booking the Retreat Coordinator will assign housing and a meeting space that accommodates your group’s needs. *Note* A request can be submitted to which housing and meeting space you would prefer but camp has the right to change housing and meeting spaces if a group’s final numbers are significantly different from the expected total.

While writing my schedule for my stay are there any details I should know?

Yes, please note the following items when writing your schedule

  1. We have standard meal times: 8am breakfast, 12pm lunch and 5pm dinner
  2. The following events and activities are seasonal, but when planning you will need to reserve time slots with the Retreat Coordinator for the following: Rock wall, Blacklight dodgeball, Archery, Low Ropes Course, Camp Fire, Pontoon boat rides ($90 per hour), Ski boats for tubing ($150 per hour)
    1. *Please Note that you may not be the only group that is on site, we work hard to organize all the events to insure a great experience. Please be flexible if there are slight time changes to your first submission of itinerary*
  3. These are other activities we have on site that do not need to be reserved and are included in your price but are on a first come first serve basis: Basketball, Soccer, Football, Softball, Kickball, Ice Skating, Broomball, Tubing Hill, Tennis, Badminton, Foosball, Ping-pong, Carpetball, Field games, Volleyball

What happens if our group must cancel our event?

In the unfortunate event that your group must cancel, the deposit will be applied to a future event at Camp Spofford. ​

What happens if we do not meet the 10% differential of our final count?

You are required to submit payment for the minimum number of guests that was determined from your 7-day final count submission. Example: Leader submitted 30 people coming 7 days prior to arrival, only 20 people showed up, you still owe for 27 people.

Are there any other due dates and contractual requirements that we should be aware of when planning our event?

Yes, please note the following due dates once the deposit and signed contract are received:

  1. A certificate of liability insurance is required to be on file for all retreat groups. Please be sure this is submitted before your group’s arrival at Camp Spofford.
  2. Two weeks prior to the group’s scheduled arrival, please submit a draft of your retreat itinerary, including activities, meals, and other needs to the Retreat Coordinator.
  3. One week prior to the group’s scheduled arrival, please submit a final headcount. You will be required to submit final payment within a 10% differential of this number.
  4. Final Payment is due upon arrival or within 5 business days of leaving the camp. If there is an outstanding balance after 5 business days, there will be a 2% of outstanding balance charge added to your total. If paying via credit card, there will be a 3% processing fee added to your balance to cover processing costs.
  5. If planning to return to camp next year, please contact the Retreat Coordinator within 30 days of departure to rebook for the following year.