Register for 2024!

So, what's Whiteout?

Whiteout is a weekend for New England & Tri-State Youth Ministries to worship together, connect with each other, and compete against each other. Crafted through the vision of community and connection, this weekend is about helping you and your leaders mentor your students and connect them to Jesus.

Sample schedule


Whiteout 1: February 2 - 4 (waiting list only)
Whiteout 2: February 9 - 11 (waiting list only)
Whiteout 3: February 16 - 18 (waiting list only)
Whiteout 4: February 23 - 25 (waiting list only)
Who Can Come?
Whiteout is for students in Grades 6-12.

We accept groups of all kinds: churches, schools, clubs, homeschool groups, etc. Adult supervision is required from all groups, as we do not hire our own counseling/youth leader team for Whiteout. To that end, we do not offer individual registrations.
We charge $185 per individual. This charge covers everything for the weekend with the exception of snacks and specialty coffee drinks from Knutes Cafe, along with any Gift Shop purchases.

We also offer groups a discount of one free leader for every 10 students registered. Groups less than 10 will still receive one free leader.

Registration Process

How do I sign up?

Call us old school, but we take all registrations over the phone for Whiteout (email will do as well). We like getting to know you a bit and providing a chance for you to ask any questions you might have up front. Registration is open for 2024, so give us a ring anytime or send us an email to have someone from our team help you learn more about these weekends!

When you call, we will ask for the number of students and leaders you expect to bring. That conversation will be followed by us sending you a contract, after which you have 10 days to return and pay the group deposit ($10 per expected attendee). Once we receive back your deposit and contract, you are good to go!