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Accommodations & Places

Here’s a little inside look into the different housing options, meeting spaces, and some of the other buildings and fun places around camp. We hope this makes you feel at home even before you arrive!


Granite Lodge

Completed in 2006, our newest accommodation houses ten units of various sizes, from 1 Queen-sized bed to housing up to 6 people. All have private baths and heat/air conditioning. With three floors and built into the side of a hill, Granite Lodge includes a spacious and comfortable conference room that looks out over Camp Spofford’s playground from the basement level. The first floor opens into a lounge and contains Units 1 through 4. Units 5 through 10 are accessible through stair-wells. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


A European-style chalet with four rooms on the first floor and two rooms on the second floor, all opening to a spacious common area with a vaulted ceiling and stone fireplace. Most rooms have a queen-sized mattress and at least two custom-made, built-in bunk beds. All rooms have heat/air conditioning and a private bath. During the summer, Camp Spofford’s night life happens downstairs in Knute’s cafe, convenient for families wanting to keep close tabs on their kids. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


This building has two rooms on the main floor, each with one queen-sized bed and two bunks. Both rooms have heat/air conditioning and private baths. A third room is located on the same floor, complete with a queen bed, 5 bunks, and a new bathroom, and of course, heat/air conditioning. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


Two hotel-style units opening onto a common porch that looks out at the Chalet. Each room sleeps up to 6 people with one full-sized bed, two built-in bunks, a private bath and air conditioning. Linens are provided during Family Camp.


This accommodation is set behind the tennis courts, taking a short scenic path through the woods gets you there. Great for large families, there are two sides to this house. The main house can house up to 12 people and the Annex can hold up to 10.

Hillside & Hillside Chapel

Hillside is our newest, year-round facility that will be used for camper chapel and boys staff housing in the summer and retreat group housing and meeting space in the retreat season.


What is a tentel (pronounced ten-tell)? Think rustic meets vintage. Each tentel has two sides with a double bed and one bunk per side. Families of up to 4 can reserve half of a tentel. A door in the middle can be opened to accommodate families with more than four members, though an additional fee is applied to families of up to four who want to use both sides of a tentel. A bathhouse with showers is within easy walking distance. A window fan is included. Linens and blankets are NOT included in the weekly rates, though there is an OPTIONAL LINEN SERVICE: $40. This includes full sets of sheets and blankets based on the number of people within your unit, as well as a towel, wash cloth and hand towel for each person within your unit. Please note: No pillows provided.


Chesterfield is a charming accommodation that has a dorm-style unit nestled in the trees behind our dining hall. This unit contains 10 bunk beds and a single twin, and can comfortably house up to 21 people. Chesterfield has a large, interior bathroom with several sinks, stalls, and showers. It also has heat and A/C.

Camper Cabins


We have campsites for trailers and tents. Sites have electric and water hook-up. Meals and children’s programs are NOT included in the price. No open fires are permitted; please bring grills or camp stoves. A central bathhouse with showers is available for all sites. Children’s programs and meals in the dining hall may be purchased in the office.


The sun, the sand, the lake! What a great place to spend time with friends and family and enjoy some swimming, volleyball, tubing, boat rides, trips to the island and so much more!


This structure was rebuilt in 2018 and has been a staple for Camp Spofford. A wonderful meeting place with great views. Check out the lake, the fire pit, the beach, tetherball, and the dining hall, all from one location! Grab your bible and a nice cup of coffee or tea in the early morning for a great spot to do some devos!

Dining Hall

Jesus gathered with people to eat all the time! This is where we gather and share a meal here at Camp. Breakfast, Lunch, or Dinner you will find people to fellowship with and spend quality time over a meal prepared by our wonderful kitchen staff!


It’s not just Sunday morning that this place is filled with people seeking to learn more about Jesus and his word! All throughout the summer we have daily chapel services and into the retreat season. It’s a great place to learn and grow!

Knute's Cafe

This is the place to be for some really great time with friend and family. In the summer Knutes is open every night for ice cream, snacks, and games! We also have the Kafe open in the mornings for some specialty coffee and tea. Retreat season it is open upon request!


So much happens in our gym! Basketball games, blacklight dodgeball, climbing the Rockwall and much much more. Perfect for the winter months or rainy days during the summer!